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Your Solution. Your Patients.

Top 5 Reasons to use Us

  • Enhance Patient Experience

  • Give Patients Options to Pay

  • No Cost to Provider, No Recourse

  • Increase Business Office Efficiencies

  • Reduce Business Office Expense

MyCare administers the patient payment solution designed by the Healthcare Provider

When patients are not able to pay their balance in full at the time of service or over the billing cycle after insurance, MyCare helps healthcare providers – like you – help your patients.

If you are looking to give your patients a dignified way to opt in to an extend payment over time, without recourse, and designed to meet your revenue goals, you’ve finally found MyCare.

Surveys completed before implementing at our clients indicate greater than 90% of patients accessing healthcare at your facility are looking for a program like MyCare. Once you implement MyCare at your facility, you will build patient loyalty and give peace of mind to patients in your community who have chosen not to access healthcare due to rising co-pays and deductibles.

A financing program custom designed by the provider for their patents

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Design your Healthcare Provider’s MyCare solution

We’ve worked with health systems and physicians to design over 100 different programs. There may be one that already fits your facility’s revenue goals and commitment to enhance the patient experience, or your facility may have an entirely new design. We help you design it – it’s easy.

The many variables within the terms and conditions are customizable by you, the Healthcare Provider. Deciding whether to choose a low interest-bearing (APR) program or a low service fee program is the first step. The interest free period, service fee balance parameters and annual membership fee are just a few of the variables Healthcare Provider can customize.

You design a program for your patient community and, in the years ahead, as health insurance and regulations around access effect co-pays and deductibles, you can adjust the program to adapt to those changes. MyCare gives you tools that grow and adjust as your needs for the program change in the future.

Each program is designed with No Credit Check for patients, eliminating the soft or hard credit check impact on a patient’s credit score. The advantage to this is that the patient, who may have fallen on tougher times trying to meet family expenses, will not be subject to credit updating.

If a patient needs an extended period to make payment to you, you design each step to meet their needs.

Better yet… you design a program that is free to the Healthcare Provider and MyCare does all the rest. MyCare administers the program for your patients online, by phone or through the mail.

To find out more about what features and benefits are available for your patients and your employees please send us an email at “Request More Information”.


MyCare Client Testimonials

To learn about our Client Testimonials, please submit your contact information to us.

MyCare administers the program and does all the work

MyCare Finance provides all the initial training, future training, applications and marketing materials to facilitate your program.

MyCare patients apply online, add their own patient balance online and pay online 33% of the time. But many patients still apply by phone through our call center or by submitting a paper application.

The packaged design of other programs, not only have recourse, but are cumbersome to manage within your business office, thus increasing staff workloads and negatively affect the patient experience. Instead, at MyCare we establish an easily integrated process with our clients’ patient accounting system, which reduces abandon-call rates, captures charity and Medicaid, reduces business office expense and allows resources to be realigned to insurance follow up.